I'm Srđan, web developer from Belgrade, Serbia, Digital Entrepreneur, Fintec Enthusiast, Full-Stack Developer, Technology Adviser & Code Addict with 10+ Years of Experience.

Here you can find info about projects I'm involved with, some general stuff about me and options to get in touch. Feel free to drop me a line.


Here are a few skills I am enthusiastic to share


HTML, CSS and JS as fundamentals, but also Saas, AngularJS, Bakcbone and Vue.


Most experience with PHP, Laravel 5, Python/Django, Wordpress, Drupal, REST API, SOAP API.


Worked with relational (MySQL, MariaDB) and No-SQL databases (Cassandra, Elastic Search, Redis).

Quick Prototyping

Good place for companies and start-ups that are looking to create demos or MVP.

Blog Entries

Mar, 2018

How to test Stripe Webhooks on the localhost

Stripe Webhooks can be used for variety of applications, but how to test them on localhost before deployment?

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About Me

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My proactive urge to advance with latest trends and emerging technologies, allowed me to work with industry leaders and innovators. Today I manage client facing environments and work on complex data sets. Besides my development knowledge, I also advise and work on startup projects. I am a "big data" advocate who appreciates a challenge. Information is beautiful.

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